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What is the Society?

It is a group of residents whose aims are to maintain and to enhance the sense of place and history and the quality of life in Shaftesbury and its surrounding villages.

It endeavours to be representative of all the residents, of any age, from all parts of the town and villages and however long they have lived here.

It has good contacts with and goodwill from Dorset County Council, North Dorset District Council and Shaftesbury Town Council.

It is a member of Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement in England, . Civic Voice aims to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive, promoting civic pride.

What does it do?

It criticises or commends proposals for buildings, developments, amenities and, even, maintenance in Shaftesbury to discourage what is thought to be bad and to encourage what is thought to be good.

It tries to inform members of the councils so that they decide to do for Shaftesbury what is acceptable to the residents.

It will, progressively, develop principles within which these decisions and activities may be evolved sympathetically from the start.

How does it do it?

It invites outside speakers on subjects of particular interest.

It makes enquiries of experts and residents to support some modest research so that its comments are well informed.

It provides a forum at meetings for discussion, and aims to find a consensus on proposed actions and issues. The Society is a continuing focus for this work.

It is trying to promote more awareness of its aims in order to attract more new members. There is always a need for young residents and new residents as members and they are earnestly invites to join.

How can I help?

Your membership and subscription will help to make Shaftesbury a better place and will add weight to representations on local issues.

By attending meetings, or simply by joining the Society, members have the opportunity to more effectively voice their opinions on matters of concern affecting the town.

The Society is financed by members’ subscriptions, at present £6 p.a. for one person £10 p.a. for two people at the same address.

To join, download the membership form on the membership link or email:  with your contact details.

Help us to take care of Shaftesbury

You can tell us what you think ought to be done for Shaftesbury and we can try to see that it is done!

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March 2014

Shaftesbury Common Places Project Report is now complete and can be downloaded from this link

Project Report


A sub-committee has now presented a revised constitution and this was presented to members for approval at a Special General Meeting held on the 23rd September at 7.00pm in the Rutter Room at Shaftesbury Arts Centre. A copy of the new constitution can be downloaded from the Documents page.

Download our latest Newsletter from the documents page HERE

2014 AGM

The 2014 AGM is provisionally scheduled for the 20th June 2014, final date and venue to be confirmed soon.

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